Welcome to CQ Inland Port, a purpose built and shovel ready intermodal facility at Yamala, 25km east of Emerald in Central Queensland, Australia. CQ Inland Port is designed for the handling and where necessary, transfer freight from one transport mode to another. It will be a multi-functional; multi user facility that contributes to the effective transit of goods and materials and will provide for 24/7 operations.

SUPER-SITE UNVEILED - 31 October 2016

Media Statement - 26 October 2016

The inland port envisages growth in trade volumes, industrial and support activities on site, servicing the surrounding agricultural catchment and facilitating bulk and containerised aggregation, intermodal transfers and efficient distribution.

A large range of services are possible at CQ Inland Port – transhipment of container and break bulk, warehousing and storage, including cold storage options, cleaning, repairs and inspections of containers, quarantine, pre-assembly, packing, unpacking, repacking and value adding.

Key Tenant

Grain Corp Logo

Grain Corp

The CQ Inland Port will be strategically placed to maximise the efficiency of grain exports from the Emerald region.

GrainCorp wishes to construct a state-of-the-art grain handling facility in the development. GrainCorp’s site would provide a premium service to growers in the area and remove significant rail loading costs. If successful, the facility and rail siding would keep grain exports from the region competitive in a highly contested global market.

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